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How to play BINGO

There is huge amount of satisfaction that comes with yelling out the word, "BINGO!" Get into this popular luck-based game in Full House Casino!


Your goal is to cover five squares in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row. Cards are 5 rows by 5 rows with a letter from the word BINGO written above each vertical row. The numbers on each square are generated at random. There are 75 balls with either a B, I, N, G, or O on them as well as a number. These letter-number combinations should occasionally coordinate with a square on your card.

Points calculation

You can choose to play by 1-4 cards. Banker will call out numbers. If a number called matches a square on one of your cards, click on that square. Win by matching the designated pattern. Hit the "Bingo" button when one of your cards matches the pattern.


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